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Podcast of the Now

Hear what went on at the infamous April 8, 2019 Board meeting, when the Trustees introduced the proposal to move Egan to the the Kohls 10th side in 2023 or so....Trustee Ivanovic in the Trustee recording is PARTICULARLY interesting. Hear the crowd go wild...

Movie of the Month

Hundreds and Hundreds of people have found it interesting to hear BCS trustees politely grill LASD reps about the District's plans for the Kohls 10th site. Oct. 1, 2018. If you watch on youtube.com you can find dozens of timestamp links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VECOB5H19DU&t=96s
Below are a few selected timestamps.

There is a complete written GUIDE TO THIS VIDEO http://losaltospolitico.com/2018/10/bullis-charter-unreceptive-kohls-10th-site-video/

18:05 Eyring: How is it cheaper to use new land?

21:55 Rich Ying: So is it your intention to house BCS there?

42:55 Dr. Suttcliffe. So BCS being there might not be permanent, but just till NEC grows?

46:45 Joe Hurd.
1) explain again how come the 10th site is 9.5, not 11.5 acres.
2) Confirm that Santa Rita, Almond, Covington, Egan are at capacity? YES. So the rest are not at capacity? Correct?
3) Have you released your 2018 LASD only enrollment numbers?

50:25 4) About the 10th site Task Force, was it allowed to consider reconfiguration of existing LASD properties?

Movie of the Week

Shortly before the November 2018 election, LASD candidates Ivanovic and Johnson visited the "other side of El Camino." If you watch on youtube.com you will find dozens of time stamp links. https://youtu.be/QCwqIlpNZmA Here is a selected sample of timestamps

around 26:40
Bryan Johnson says probably the earliest a new school would open on the Kohls 10th site is 2022. Note that this video has an text overlay that reads 2020. That is a typo. It should be 2022.

around 31:45
If Egan moved to this side of El Camino, it would create a holistic feel for our neighborhood

Lasd trustee Ivanovich seems to say San Antonio is just as bad as El Camino for pedestrians and bikes. [Lalahpolitico: #%&@#!] Jokingly promises helicopter service.