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A New Committee is Born – Los Altos Public Arts

South Los Altos Sculpture Red
South Los Altos Sculpture Red
Written by lalahpolitico

The Public Sculpture Committee members were originally appointed by the Parks, Arts and Recreation Commission.  Public Sculpture was a sub-committee. Now Public Sculpture is to be called Los Altos Public Arts.  And, as you might guess, Los Altos Public Arts is no longer a sub-committee, but has been promoted to full-blown committee status.

All the current members of the Los Altos Public Arts Committee and their terms were affirmed by council. Two vacant positions, one expiring in 2013 and the other in 2015 were created.

Suzanne Moshier, Unexpired Term to 2013
Karen Zucker, Unexpired Term to 2013
Missy Robinson, 1st Term to 2015
Faye Chapman, 1st Term to 2015
Laurel Iverson, 1st Term to 2013

 Editorial Comment

The sculptures are sort of nice.  We’re happy to see that sculptures are being placed around town in places other than Lincoln Park and North Los Altos. It would be nice if the  local schools would take some “on loan.”

While the artwork is nice, we have to ask if it is worth the cost? Couldn’t more of these “excess” funds be gifted to the LA School District or LAEF? Or to rebuild our deteriorated sewer infrastructure?

An organizational question:  During their fall, 2011, meetings the City Council explored whether it was desirable to combine the Pedestrian & Bicycle sub-committee, Traffic Committee, and Planning Committee because the three of them didn’t communicate very well. Doesn’ t the Public Arts Committee need to communicate with Parks and Recreation?  Where else is the arts going to be exhibited besides these same parks?

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