A&S Reviews 2-story Plans – Parma, Muir

Muir Way ranch home with 2 story neighbors
Muir Way ranch home with 2 story neighbors
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The three person Los Altos Architecture and Site Review Committee will review the design of proposed 2-story homes on Parma Way and Muir Way. Both homesites have several 2-story neighbors, and thus are arguably not in “consistent character” neighborhoods, aka, there are already 2-stories peppering the landscape.

The A&S committee consists of an architect, Malika Junaid, and two board member of Los Altos Network Neighborhood ( LANN ), an organization which started the single story overlay movement in Los Altos 20 years ago, and continues to avidly help homeowners who want to bring an overlay to their block. Kenneth Lorell is Vice-President of the LANN Board, and Jeannie Bruins heads up their newsletter which publicizes 2-story permit applications to LANN members.

It will be interesting to find out at the meeting if the home sites. were recently purchased.

Parma Ranch Home With 2-story on both sides

Parma Ranch Home With 2-story on both sides


If a person wanted to move into Los Altos and build a 2-story, the safest kind of block to buy an old single-story  ranch tear-down on would be a block with two story homes already there. In that way, you will probably have neighbors who like two stories, and won’t start an single-story overlay petition process blocking your dream home. Los Altos Politico expects these 2 homes  on Muir and Parma will be OKed, because of the several 2-story homes already around them.

Fun Fact: Almost all the single story overlay “districts” are contiguous to one another and are south of Los Altos High School. If you like a guarantee of not ever  having 2-story neighbors for your foreseeable lifetime, this is the neighborhood to buy in.



Wed. Fed. 1 1, 6:30 pm  N. San Antonio Rd, Council Chambers

  1. 11-SC-53 – M. Predosin and L. Yang – 1107 Muir WayDesign review for two-story addition. The project adds 280 square feet to the first floor and 1,136 square feet to the second floor. Project Planner: Lacey
  2. 11-SC-55 – N. Shahyar – 970 ParmaWayDesign review for a new, two-story house. The project includes 2,371 square feet on the first floor and 1,536 square feet on the second floor. Project Planner: Lacey

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