Homestead Trader Joe to Get Traffic Light

Written by lalahpolitico

The Trader Joe’s shopping plaza at Homestead will be getting some much needed traffic improvements.  If you shop there and have yearned for a traffic light to help you exit the plaza and make that left-turn onto Homestead, relief is on the way.

A stretch of Homestead from Fallenleaf Lane to El Serrano will be getting

  • cement curb-gutters
  • storm drains
  • several pedestrian crossings
  • bike lanes
  • a partial sidewalk on the plaza side
  • “trail” on the residential side of Homestead
  • traffic light
  • cement medians
Homestead Trader Joes Plaza to get Traffic Signal and more

Homestead Trader Joes Plaza to get Traffic Signal and more

When cement gutters and storm drains come to a neighborhood, it loses that rustic, semi-rural feeling.  Luckily none of the homes front on Homestead here, so that won’t be an impact. And the trail instead of a sidewalk keeps the feeling “rustic.”

After watching the City spend beaucoup $ bucks downtown on new crosswalks, traffic lights, planters etc., it’s nice to see the South Los Altos area getting some infrastructure improvements too.


Los Altos Politico expects that affected homeowners have already been notified by the City of this project.  But if your need or desire to see the plan it’s here, but it’s a large, slow file to download and looks better on a hi-re screen.

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