LASD Mon. Jan 30 Meeting – Now We Negotiate

Bullis Charter Portables
Bullis Charter Portables
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UPDATE: ( Dateline: Feb. 1, 2012)

According to the Los Altos Town Crier, the LASD vote was 5-0 to approve the preliminary offer of facilities to Bullis Charter School for 2012-2013, no surprise there. There were two hours of public comment, no surprise there. Hey folks, you have to expect LASD to start negotiations with their worst offer. Next step is the non-public negotiation mediated by a couple of Santa Clara County Education board members.
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(Dateline: Jan. 31, 2012)

In a Couple Hours the LASD Board will approve the Preliminary Facilities Offer 2012-13

In the continuing saga of the LASD vs. Bullis Charter …the Los Altos LASD meeting where the board will approve the “Preliminary Facilities Offer 2012-13″… is a couple of hours away.  The servers over at are slowing to a halt  as scores of parents must be downloading the mind-numbing documents there.  You can find a preliminary offer of facilities to Bullis Charter for the 2012-13 school year among others.

A quick glance at the posted material shows LASD will offer some portables located at Blach

A quick glance at the posted material shows LASD will offer some portables located at Blach Junior High to accommodate the Bullis Charter expansion into 7th and 8th grade next year. Bullis Charter has always said it preferred a single site. A key rationale for the two site approach, as stated in the LASD material,  is that there is no single site ready next year that could accommodate K to 8 and have the needed junior high equipage:  proper science labs, gyms, and tracks.

But it is important to remember this is not the “long-term” offer. And also remember this is the preliminary offer 2012-2013.

A LASD Finance Committee, appointed by the Trustees last year is tasked with long-term for the district and with a long-term solution for Bullis Charter.


The Finance Committee appointees include former council member Curtis Cole, a real moderate able to see both sides. Therefore, we have hope competing interests can all be addressed long-term

  • teachers unions
  • parents wanting neighborhood schools
  • parents wanting innovative curriculum schools

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