Los Altos Parking Plaza Seven Waits on Safeway

Parking Structure Still Possible
Parking Structure Still Possible
Written by lalahpolitico

At its retreat on December 3, 2011, the Council discussed postponing further consideration of  its projects for downtown construction, namely, postponing the the Downtown Opportunity Study (DOS) and a parking structure facility on Plaza Seven. These will be put on hold until after final resolution of the Safeway project on First Street.

Councilman Ron Packard has negotiated a preliminary public/private shared parking agreement with Safeway. The public could park for up to 90 minutes in the Safeway lot and shop around downtown.

At its December 3  retreat, Council had asked that postponement be placed on the agenda of the regular council meeting of December 13, 2011 for formal action. That action was taken and consideration of the plaza is now postponed.

(Previous Council discussions regarding DOS took place at the meetings of August 25, 2009; November 10, 2009; May 11, 2010; July 26, 2011; August 23, 2011; September 27, 2011; October 4, 2011)

Editorial Comment

The DOS is only postponed, not abandoned.  Watch out for a Schwartzeneger,  “I’ll be back!”

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