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Los Gatos 10 room school "custom modular" building from Meehleis
Los Gatos 10 room school "custom modular" building from Meehleis
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Los Gatos 10 room school "custom modular" building from Meehleis

Los Gatos 10 room school "custom modular" building from Meehleis

The Los Altos news papers reported today that most likely the opening facilities offer of LASD to Bullis Charter is to house grades K-6 at Covington Elementary. Five portables would be added added as classro0m to the campus and all other facilities could be shared 50/50.  Meanwhile BCS grades 7 and 8 would be housed at Egan Jr. High School,  probably in the existing BCS portables there.

The first offer of LASD to Bullis Charter is likely to be to house grades K-6
at Covington Elementary, 7&8 at Egan Junior High

Whatever campus land is involved–Covington, Bullis-Gardner, Hillview, old Pinewood– it would be much better to consider using these prefab classroom buildings being used in Los Gatos for a fast expansion. See more below

Reportedly the BCS first counter is that it continues to want a single, contiguous 10 acre campus.  They say is just too hard to manage dual campuses. Patch reports that Ken Moore, chairman of the BCS Board, said, “Transporting children and staff between the Egan and Covington sites multiple times during the school day to maintain the innovative, high-performing, integrated BCS K-8 program would be inefficient, disruptive, and raise issues of student safety.”

BCS’s first counter is likely to be that it continues to want a single, contiguous 10 acre campus

The Patch article reports (as was originally reported by Los Altos Politico) that at the joint meeting between LASD and Los Altos City Council Thursday night,  the City Council offered to open a  discussion of possible use by LASD of properties its owns.  Hillview  Community Center, a former elementary school, is a prime candidate.

On Thursday City Council did in fact offer to discuss use of city properties to LASD

 MEETING ALERT: Possible Modification to the Covington Elementary campus to accommodate BCS will be discussed at in the  Monday, March 19 Board of Trustees meeting, which is open to the public. The meeting is scheduled to begin 7 p.m. in LASD board room at 201 Covington Road, Los Altos.

 EDITORIAL COMMENT: The parties are just beginning to necogtiate. If all BCS students suddenly quit BCS and entered the LASD stream….LASD will need a new campus real soon now.  Another bond issue to fund that is needed no matter what.

LATC: LASD explores sharing space at Egan and Covington for BCS
Patch:  Could Covington Share Campus with BCS?

Fast Classrooms in Los Gatos —
A Remedy for the LASD-BCS Facilties Shortage?

Los Gatos is adding a pretty decent looking 10 classroom building to its Louise Van Meter Elementary School. It was assembled in a few weeks. However, it won’t be June until the new building is completely ready for move-in. They used a Lodi manufacturer of “custom modular” buildings, Meehleis. Los Gatos already did something similar at the Fisher School for $5.4 million according to a March 14, 2012 article by Judy Petersen. ( Article apparently not available in an e-edition!)

Consider…3 months, 10 classrooms, pitched roof…all for $5.4 Million

For the newest building, Los Gatos opted for a pitched roof which, according to the principal, Rosanne Adona, “…will match our school perfectly.” Students can look forward to moving out of the portables where they’ve been housed.

We know the Bullis Charter folks who have been litigating their Bullis Charter School Facilities Request are sick and tired of being second rate citizens in the ratty portables on the Egan Junior High Campus. But these Los Gatos pre-fabs are customizable and appear to be much, much nicer than portables. They look as good as the remodeled conventional construction at Santa Rita, Almond, Springer, Covington, etc.

And let’s remember the City of Los Altos Planning approved the stylish prefab triplex on Lassen Street, (Silver LEED certified), from architecturally trendy Living Homes.

So as the trustees negotiate their Bullis Charter Facilities Request,
a modular building could be part of the mix for a fast campus.


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