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I have posted a Page on the Genesis of BCS.

I decided to try to create a timeline of the Bullis Charter School Genesis starting with the passage of the $94.7 million tax in 1999 to the closing of Bullis Purissima … using only Los Altos Town Crier archives.  My reasoning is that if it was written in the Town Crier, it was hard evidence and actually was said, or did happen. Of course, the Town Crier omits things, but I thought it was a good, solid start. I may have omitted important LATC articles from this time period.  If you think  I missed a telling article DURING THIS PERIOD, please tell me and send me the link at

Bullis Charter School Genesis TimeLine User Guide –

The timeline starts 1999 and ends with the 2003 closure of Bullis Purissima. I will be working on the period from 2003 to the 2008 full reopening of Bullis-Gardner soon. Also I am researching currents in Peninsula public schools innovation in the 1990s.

If you have other hard (or soft) information for the timeline of the Bullis Charter School Genesis, or suggestions and corrections, please email me

The timeline titles are MY summaries.

The body text is virtually all quotes from the original Town Crier article.  I highly recommend reading all the articles  if you have time.  The timeline is intended to make you interested in furthering your own research on the Town Crier archives. Go Search.

Visit the Lalahpolitico Bullis Charter School Genesis Timeline Page here.


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Visit the Lalahpolitico Bullis Charter School Genesis Timeline Page here.


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