Video of 2nd Los Altos School District Candidates Forum

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The video and schedule for Los Altos School District Candidates Forum of Sept. 30 is now online. The event was held at the Los Altos Library and was sponsored by the League of Women Voters of  the Los Altos Mountain View area. The questions were somewhat different from those of the Sept. 17 LWV event held at MV High School auditorium. See the video and transcript for the Sept. 17 event here.


Few of us have time to watch a whole meeting. Here is a time schedule you can use to jump to the question of your highest interest. Just drag the little triangle along the “progress”  time line under the video.  You may have to wait for buffering, but you will be able to skip to your interests.

Times in Minutes: seconds

0:00 Opening Remarks, Forum protocol

7.00 Candidate Statements

Amanda Burke Aaronson
Steve Taglio
Pablo Luther
Vladimir Ivanovic



Q1. What program Changes might you  consider if proposition 30 fails and some cuts must be made?



Q2.  What are you thoughts on converting Blach and Egan to 6 -8 Middle Schools?



Q3. Setting aside the discussion of Bullis Charter School for the moment, what are the other key issues facing the district and how would you prioritize them?



Q4. Do you think the Los Altos School District Board members should be disqualified from participating in facilities discussions that could affect a school that their children attend or attended?



Q5. Please explain why and how each candidate will be able to be impartial with respect to the Bullis Charter issue.



Q6. Where do you want the district to be 5 years from now?



Q5. 10th site. Do you plan to do thorough search including in Mountain View for a potential site instead of giving a currently occupied school to the charter school. (the question’s author adds a personal note:  I have no association with any school group. I am retired and have only lived here for only 5 years)



Q6 About the Charter School.

If the charter school is successful in litigating for all attorney fees and or pursuing an active growth rate by starting a second school, how will you maintain the financial stability and  resources of the district while maintaining the district’s current outstanding performance?



Q7 About Growth Again.  The growth and areas of growth seem to be one of the most critical problems of the district. Over the years the demographers have consistently been wrong.  What other options to do you support  to project growth, rather than relying on the demographers?


Closing Candidate Statements
Vladimir Ivanovic
Pablo Luther
Steve Taglio
Amanda Burke-Aaronson



Moderator’s closing remarks

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