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Los Altos Elections Results – Calling the Outcomes – Picked the Pepper

Written by lalahpolitico

It’s 11:30 pm.

Lalahpolitico is going to declare the winners for most of our Los Altos Elections. You can see the finals here in the morning.


For Santa Clara County Board of Education

Grace Mah at about 68% holds her seat, besting Dave Cortright with 32%. (59 of 138 precincts at 11:40pm)

For El Camino Hospital Board

Zoglin 24.16%, Miller 21.95%, Chiu 19.65%  take the 3 seats, bestinging Alles 17.21% and James 17.03%. (50 of 108 precinct reporting at 11:40 pm)

For Foothill DeAnza Board

CasasFrier 33.67%, Bechtel 28.88%, Barram %25.76 retain their 3 seats, outdistancing challenger Espinosa 11.68%  (105 of 226 precincts reporting at 11:40)

For Los Altos School District Board

Taglio 37.28% and Luther 33.22% take the two seats. Runners up are Burke-Aaronson with 23.20% and Ivanovic with %6.31. (32 of 39 precincts reporting at 11:40 pm)  Taglio and Luther had almost equal vote counts of 7,000.  Burke-Aaronson had 4,500.  Ivanovich who dropped out of the race garnered a bit more than 1000.

For Los Altos City Council

 Pepper 26.40%, Satterlee 17.27% and Bruins 15.61% will take the 3 seats. Baer 14.62%, Sorensen 14.35%, and Pelham 11.74% were trailing. (16 of 23 precincts reporting at 11:40 pm)  NOTE: Baer or Sorensen could come from behind.



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