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Los Altos City Council Candidates 2014 – Video Collection

Los Altos City Council Candidates 2014
Written by lalahpolitico
Jean Mordo, Alex Glew, Roy Lave (moderator), Karen Berner, Jarret Fishpaw, Mary Prochow

Left to Right: Jean Mordo walking to the mic, Alex Glew, Roy Lave (moderator), Karen Berner, Jarret Fishpaw, Mary Prochow

Los Altos Rotary hosted the five Los Altos city council candidates 2014 on September 11, 2014. KMVT was hired to tape the event and has posted it on Youtube. There will be a KMVT broadcast and taping of at in-studio debate October 6 from 6-8pm. We repost the Sept. 11 Rotary video here for your convenience.

KMVT City Council Video – Sept. 11, 2014


Drag the white dot on the timeline to when you want to start the video. Each candidate spoke for 5 minutes, and afterwards there was time to pose only one question.

3:30 Jean Mordo

8:40 Mary Prochow

12:50 Karen Berner

17:05 Alex Glew

22:10 Jarret Fishpaw

28:20 QUESTION: What is the role of the city in regards to the school districts that serve our residents.

Candidates gave short answers under a minute in this order: Fishpaw, Glew, Berner, Prochow, Mordo. Lalahpolitico: This question did not tease out significant differences between the candidates.

KMVT STUDIO Candidate Statements

So you don’t have to hunt for these on Youtube. As of September 21 I find only 3 of 5 candidates have done the free KMVT studio taping.


Karen Berner


Mary Prochow


Jean Mordo

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