Enchante Los Altos Hotel Open House Attracts a Crowd

Proprietress Abby Ahrens greets open house attendees
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January 17, 2015 – It was only an month ago that the hotel’s construction fencing came down and the sidewalk and landscaping finally went in. On a Sunday afternoon, Abby Ahrens threw an open house to introduce her new 19 room boutique Los Altos hotel to the community.

The hotel’s tag line is “Friends don’t let friends stay in a chain hotel.” Rates run from $250 to $675 for the honeymoon suite.

With two waiting lines, and a wait time of about an hour, it was well attended to put it mildly. Lalahpolitico estimates over 500 people must have taken the open house tour. Abby said she did not need to do any advertising. There were “save the date” announcements by the History Museum newsletter and mentions by Town Crier. And reminders did appear on social media like Facebook and twitter. If you missed it or abandoned the long waiting line, check out our photo tour below.

enchante hotel los altos

A large crowd estimated at 500  waited up to an hour to enter the hotel, about 30 at a time. The event began at 4:30 and wrapped up at 7:30. The last entries were a bit after 7 pm.

While waiting there was ample time for people watching and studying the exterior detailing like the sign along San Antonio Road.

Enchante Hotel sign Los Altos


Enchante Hotel fountain, Los Altos

This fountain stands about 4 feet tall.

There were two separate lines to gain entrance. This is one that snaked along San Antonio.

Enchante Hotel, Los Altos

Does anyone miss the empty triangle lot that was here before? It did kind of give the town a 50’s vibe before.

Enchante Hotel with the Packard office building in the background

Abby Ahrens building seems bigger than Ron Packard’s building

We round the corner of the little plaza and near the hotel entrance on Main Street. This is where the second waiting line merges with ours.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos

Two queues converge at the hotel entrance under the canopy.



Finally, we are finally about to enter the Enchante lobby. Looks like the Los Altos Town Crier publishers – the Nybergs – were in the group ahead.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos

Enchante Hotel Lobby

The open house featured French history re-enactors.  On the first floor there were re-enactors from the King Louis periods.

Enchante Hotel

A Marie Antoinette re-enactor posing in front of the Marie Antoinette chamber with two visitors.

And here is a footman with a nicely powdered wig.

Jan_2015EnchanteTallx600 (3 of 5)



The hotel’s 19 guest rooms are all decorated a little differently. Some are very baroque with French provincial furniture reproductions and lots of frou-frou fabric touches. Other rooms are still definitely French traditional but with modern linens and more “masculine” detailing.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos

The hotel has some rooms that are designated as doggie friendly. Notice the “bone” pillow on the reclining chaise above. Below are some cute doggie pillows in the hallway.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos doggy friendly

Some rooms are designated as doggy friendly. We believe this is smaller dogs.

Some guest rooms feature a tub as well as an ample two-person sized shower. All are done in white marble.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos

Enchante Hotel Los Altos bathroom in white marble.

Here is a close up of the ornate mirror hanging in the lobby.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos

Enchante Hotel Lobby

It was well into twilight approaching 7 p.m. before the final open house guests gained entry.

Enchante Hotel Los Altos

Enchante Hotel Los Altos at twilight

After a enjoying the tour of several guest rooms and the honey-moon suite, guests could imbibe a splash of wine and munch on tray-served bites. Amazingly the food and wine supplies lasted most of the evening!

Enchante Hotel Los ltos

Refreshments were served in the breakfast/bistro room by the patio. Standing room only!

There was also the party outside. The jazz band played for the long waiting lines on the patio all afternoon and also into the evening.

2015Jan_Enchante_x600Wredo (8 of 15)

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