Video – Measure N Citizens Oversight Committee – Selection Vote

Here is a complete 38 minutes long taping of the LASD Board’s selection process of the $150 million Measure N Citizens Oversight Committee on the night of Jan. 26, 2015. Trustees voted to accept the staff recommended selection of 7 persons. The surprise was that they voted 3 to 2 to increase the committee to 9 persons, choosing John Swan (representing the charter community) and Matt Pear (representing Mountain View) from the existing pool of 5 remaining applicants.

Our MOST RECOMMENDED SECTION of this Vimeo is Minutes 27:30 through 36:00

Other Recommended Sections with start times:
Randy Kenyon introduces this meeting agenda item item o:00 – 9:25
Public Comments 9:25
Martha McClatchie 13:10
Board Discussion Begins 14:15 with Tamara Logan
Proper video resumes w. Pablo Luther in discussion at 18:15
Pablo Luther’s Straw Man 27:30… parliamentary tap dancing through multiple votes continues thru 36:00.

Sadly our video crew experienced equipment difficulties. The trustees did not use their microphones consistently or in some cases not at all. When video is not available, photos are displayed so you may see who is speaking on the audio track.

Rather Read?

There is a written summary of this taping  here.


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