Will LASD vote to Share a Parcel Tax with Charter?

The new June tax survey gave a green light with 70+ percent support. Will Trustees GO or HALT?
The new June tax survey gave a green light with 70+ percent support. Will Trustees GO or HALT?
Written by lalahpolitico

According to the the Agenda for their Monday July 25, 7 pm meeting, the Los Altos School District Trustees will discuss a potential  parcel tax. They have had two weeks to reflect on the TWBW’s  recommended ballot language for passing a $223 parcel this November 2015.  The Trustees have not yet voted on whether or not to ask for a parcel tax, whether  the amount of the tax should be the $223 [which the survey found was supported by over %67 of voters] or some lower amount, nor on whether or not to share it with Bullis Charter School.

Administering Parcel Tax Sharing

Trustees may discuss how “sharing” would be administered; it may be necessary to appoint a charter school representative to the CACF.  CACF has overseen past parcel taxes.

Up till now, Randy Kenyon has carefully handpicked “candidate” CACF committee members for their “loyalty” and chosen persons only from the LASD/ LAEF community. So Rather than having CACF oversee the parcel tax,  the board could create a separate, special citizen’s tax oversight committee perhaps. It might be easier to achieve Bullis Charter School representation on a separate committee, than to continue to try  to seat a candidate BCSer on CACF.

The trustees will probably discuss those key specifics of the potential parcel tax ballot  and perhaps also delve into whether they agree with the ballot language which TWBW recommended.

Lalahpolitico:  The TWBW consultants gave a green light GO AHEAD to a $223 parcel tax, shared with the charter.  The mid-June survey tested ballot language that was supported by a supermajority of 400 likely voters.  The Los Altos School District Board has a GREEN light!  I hope the Trustees don’t “mess with success” or have a “will to fail.”  That would be quite irrational.


If Trustees are going to move forward with a parcel tax, they will have to call for and publicize a “public hearing” at a Board Meeting on August 8.  At that meeting – after all public comments – the board will have to pass a resolution to call an election…in order to make November election filing deadlines.

The entire FINAL parcel tax packet document – ready for the County Elections Registrar and the ballot printer service! – has to be delivered to the Registrar by August 12.  The Trustees like to operate with tight deadlines!

School Sites Shopping News

In closed session 6pm,  July 25, the board will again discuss the 4-acre office building at 5150 El Camino, and  also St. Williams Church next to Covington. Lalahpolitico expects that once again “no action” will be taken on either property, and there will be nothing to report out from the closed session at the  beginning of the 7pm open session.


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