Los Altos Follies 2016 Sneak Preview

Los Altos Follies 2016, Don't monkey around, see and hear the Los Altos Follies 2016
Written by lalahpolitico

Back by popular demand, the Los Altos Stage Company will skewer local, state and national politics in the original musical – Los Altos Follies 2016!  There will be around 20 side-splitting, comedy sketchs with hilarious new lyrics set to familar tunes.

Here is a taste of what topics will be included this year’s fund-raising production. Runs Sept. Thursday Sept. 29th, Friday Sept. 30th, Saturday Oct. 1st. $60 – $100.  Tickets can be purchased online here.

Moving to Canada if Trump Wins

Man in front of map of Canada

This Canadian advises…for most Americans, you will be happiest if you migrate to Toronto or Vancouver, British Columbia. Forget all the other provinces!



The Also Rans – Bernie, Carly…

The Also Rans, Bernie Sanders, Carly Fiorina...Los Altos Follies 2016

The Also Rans, Bernie Sanders, Carly Fiorina…



UK breaks up with EU

By a close vote…the United Kingdom is breaking up with European Union. Unmoored, now what?


Airplane Noise…

“don’t fly by me, go fly some other way…”

Map of flight paths in South Bay

Lyric – “… don’t fly by me, go fly some other way…”


Lamentable state of Civic Center

“what went up, is fallin’ down…”

Photo of dank walkways at the aging Hillview Community Center

…What went up is fallin’ down…” The Hillview Community center is in poor condition. Other civic buildings along San Antonio are subpar too…



Bay Area sea level rise…

rendering of sea level rise SF Bay Area

What the Bay Area might look like after a sea level rise…apparently  a view from the Presidio towards downtown SF.

“Los Altos will be beach front, oh what fun…”


Transgender bathrooms

“go where you want go…”

Possible Signage on public restrooms... Los Altos Follies 2016



Russian Olympic doping scandal

cartoon about athletic doping



Marijuana legalization Nov. ballot

raised outdoor bed of small marijuana plants

Legalization of Recreational Marijuana will be a Measure on the November 2016 State ballot

Your neighbor’s back yard next summer?

Los Altos  …shuts down at 8

shot of Carmel shop sidewalks after dark...no people. Los Altos Follies 2016

Like Carmel, Los Altos often looks like a deserted “village” after dark

“my kind of town, a town that shuts down at 8, never stays late, they close the gate …”


Los Altos Follies 2016 tickets

Tickets online here.   Vicki Reeder and crew have been doing a brand new Follies production in the fall for years and years.  See our glowing review of an earlier production. Lalahpolitico is attending the 2016 production; you should too.



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