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MV City Council postpones Kohls 10th site decision indefinitely – video

MV Council postponed considering next steps on the Kohls 10th site
Written by lalahpolitico

At the Oct. 9 meeting, the Mountain View City Council was having a broader discussion about how to make Council agendas shorter. At first, members discussed which large land use topics could be postponed till 2019. But then…discussion swung to the Kohls 10th site.

The larger discussion provided an opportunity for Councilmember Abe-Koga, seconded by Chris Clark, to make a motion to postpone taking the next step on the Kohls 10th site project until LASD trustees can decide and publicly say what kind of school they will place there. 

At their Oct. 8 meeting, LASD trustees were supposed to decide on the type of school for the Kohls 10th site in preparation for the scheduled Oct. 16 meeting of the MV City Council. Instead, on Oct. 8 the Trustees expressed a lot of reasons why they have decided NOT to decide. Apparently, the MV Council got the news and has reacted with this indefinite postponement.

Here is a one minute video of the voting action.  Mayor Lenny Siegel has the gavel.  The vote was 6-0.

You can hear John McAlister vote “Abstain.” He is the Mountain View Councilmember who was under FPPC scrutiny for conflict of interest.  He is a partner in a pre-school located on LASD’s Covington School. He previously voted to NOT required that the Kohls 10th site be used for a neighborhood school. That vote a few months ago was 4 to NOT require, 3 to require. Council was buying the Trustees’ mantra about their need for ‘flexibility’.

Will McAlister continue to abstain in the future on votes about the Kohls 10th site?

Here is the one minute video about the Kohls 10th site postponement.


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