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Video Post –Best of City Council Meeting April 10 – Hillview, Civic Center, Parking

Only short term repairs for Los Altos Hillview Center
Written by lalahpolitico

Los Altos City Council April 10 Meeting is here captured in several videos.

Written Posts…
Our Preliminary Minutes, post meeting
Our Full Minutes, post meeting
Our Agenda analysis, pre-meeting

Godbe Civic Center Bond Poll Results
Discussion, Public Comment (11 minutes)

Los Altos City Council at its April 2012 meeting heard results from the Godbe Research firm showing lack of support for a Bond Measure. Council asked questions. The public make some comments. The council expressed sentiment that the “No” opinion could change in one or two years.

The Godbe presentation slides are most useful. Also useful is the top line report with the questionnaire.

David Casas — Hands-off Hillview
Don’t Eminent Domain me Bro’ ( 4 minutes )

Here is the essence of what was said April 10,2012 about City of Los Altos vs. LASD vis a vis the talk of “taking” the Hillview site. LASD is looking for a 10th school site. The city council says the city uses of the site are as valuable as LASD’s.  Mayor Carpenter says look north of El Camino for a site.

Civic Center & Hillview Next Steps
Band-aid Repairs (3 minutes)

Val Carpenter says the public signaled thumbs down on Phase I of the Community Center Plan for now.  David Casas calls for band-aids to be applied to keep Hillview and the other buildings going. Spending could be budgeted for such fixes as soon as this May. Megan Satterlee said these fix-ups do nothing to reconfigure the site, to correct the underutilization.  The council seems united in advocating only those repairs that are very short-term.

Downtown Parking and Development Drama ( 12 minutes )

On April 10 the Los Altos City Council discussed and amended a draft RFP to study the downtown parking situation holistically. After measuring the actual supply and demand of parking spaces, all approaches are to be evaluated.  A front-runner solution could be restripping the plazas for head-in parking, a change that according to Ted Sorensen, a downtown developer, could add 200-300 stalls. He would like Plaza 10 to be a pilot restriping and a development incentive for his 40 Main Street project. Two citizens spoke against certain solutions, while one, Susan Ambiel, spoke in favor. Council member Saterlee insisted the study be done in 4 months, so as not to unreasonably delay projects, which are proceeding through the city planning approval-revision processes.



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