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Los Altos City Council – Daily Post Says Awkward – Packard vs. Sorensen

Written by lalahpolitico

LALAHPOLITO is wondering if the Packard-Sorensen affair is a scandal yet?  Conflict of interest concerns have gone from gray to black for us.

On June 12 — BEFORE the regular 7 pm council meeting where the 4 members voted to not approve the Sorensen project — the four held a closed-door session to probably discuss a letter received from Packards’ attorney Barton Heckman.  The letter suggested that the Sorensen project needed a full EIR ( Environmental Impact Report.)  Jerry Sorensen is quoted by the Daily Post as saying he though it was an attempt to intimidate the City Council. An attempt that a one thinks might  have made a difference.  It certainly looks bad for the 4 and worse for Packard.

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On June 12, Lalapolitico was curious what the 2 new potential litigation cases were.  Now we know one of them was Packard threatening an EIR




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