LASD Trustees Decide Not to Decide on Kohls 10th site – the video

Pro-like video of the LASD Trustee Meeting that upset MV City Council, Randy Kenyon
Pro-like video of the LASD Trustee Meeting that upset MV City Council
Written by lalahpolitico

Here is my psuedo- ‘professional’ video of the Oct. 8 meeting shot in widescreen 1080p on a professional video camera, not the pathetic LASD Granicus postage stamp version. If you want to REALLY see what has the Mountain View City Council so upset that they postponed the Oct. 16 meeting with LASD indefinitely, take a look. This MV Council move has effectively postponed the close of the Kohls 10th site transaction.  LASD is not getting their $79M in TDRs and $23M in Park funds without MV Council signoff….now postponed till LASD Trustees DO decide to decide.

I do close-ups, wide shots, pans.  You can actually see LASD Trustees faces when they speak about the Kohls 10th site non-decision. Plus I overlaid the slide content when Superintendent Jeff Baier and Randy Kenyon present some slides about the Kohls 10th site.  You will understand what is happening.

Yes, It is one hour long.  But because it is hosted on google Youtube you can skim forward and backward.  Skimming does not work for me on Granicus. Very annoying.

If any of you, my readers, is going to watch this video attentively and take time-stamped notes about this Kohls 10th site Trustee discussion, please send me your notes with time-stamps, and I will post them to the video on Youtube for others to use. Sharing is so nice. The time stamps become markers viewers can use to jump instantly to points in the video about the Kohls 10th site Trustee discussion – “deciding not to decide”.

This is the full meeting with public comment.  [I deleted the paper shuffling and other such dead time for your convenience.]


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