Citizens Speak for Los Altos Plastic Bag Ban

Written by lalahpolitico

Los Altos Plastic Bag Ban by July 2014

Expect a Los Altos plastic bag ban and polystyrene foam take-out ban in Los Altos by July 2014. To comply with San Francisco Regional Water Quality Board requirements to reduce storm water pollution by 40%  the City of Los Altos will have to take a number of measures including banning the bags and take out containers at the six big grocery stores.  Three citizens spoke at the Jan. 10 Los Altos City Council meeting urging a sooner adoption of the ban and applying the ban to more than just the six big groceries stores in the city.

Maddy McBirney, Green Town Los Altos



John Reed, Los Altos Environmental Commission Member


Chris Keller, Chair Los Altos Environmental Commission

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