Hear Los Altos School District straw vote NO on ‘Move Egan’

Los Altos School District, Board of Trustees, Egan School, Vladamir Ivanovic, Shali Sirkay
Many attendees waved hands in support of a public speaker or a Trustee urging a NO decision
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Hear the crucial and surprising last 30 minutes of the April 25 Los Altos School District trustees meeting. The LASD Trustees agree to wait for 1-year+ before possibly moving forward with the Move Egan School Agreement.

The Los Altos School District trustees explain why they agree that on April 29 they will effectively vote NO on the tentative 10-year agreement with the Bullis Charter School. This podcast is last 30+ minutes of the April 25, 2019, Los Altos School District special board meeting. You can hear them pullback that  Prop 39 offer crafted this past January. That offer would place BCS not only on Egan School and Blach School as they are now, but add space at Loyola School. It would include true reasonably equivalent sharing of outdoor and indoor specialized spaces – much more sharing than now at Egan and Blach. Loyola would share such spaces as well.

Instead of that January offer, the Los Altos School District trustees are going to ask Bullis Charter School to accept the “interim facilities” as described in the proposed and rejected 10-year agreement for a year or two. [Bullis Charter School voted April 24 to accept the 10-year agreement]

The pushback from the public was already visible at the April 8 board meeting. It only grew. Trustee Speiser said that the emails she received were around 1/3 supporting the ‘Move Egan’ 10-year agreement and 2/3 saying don’t move forward now and maybe ever.

Here are some time markers for the Board Discussion

0:00 Los Altos School District Board of Trustees President Jessica Speiser leads setting the stage.

5:50 Steve Taglio – I’m ok with it if it includes no enrollment growth at BCS

6:45 Bryan Johnson – invites a Bullis Charter School board member to attend the Ap 29 LASD board meeting.

18:25 Vladamir Ivanovic

24:06 Shali Sirkay

28:50 Jessica Speiser wraps up

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