Bullis Charter School Ken Moore Agrees to Egan-Blach split

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The panel at the BSC luncheon

The panel at the BSC luncheon

Bullis Charter School’ s board president Ken Moore has agreed in principle to accept LASD’s Prop 39 split-campus offer plan, and to give up the request for Covington. He made the announcement at a 50 person luncheon event at Hillview Center.  He would like to see Prop 39 planning committees from each side getting together in public sessions to work out the details.

Mr. Moore was willing to accept LASD’s stipulation that junior high facilities would only be shared at Blach, and not at Egan. But he is asking for space for more than  just the 7th and 8th grades at Blach. He wants there to be enough students to support the necessary special spaces – multipurpose room, library, teacher workstations, etc. He is also asking for a more useable allocation of land at Blach.

There were two speakers from the California charter community who spoke on school reform and Prop 39. Jed Wallace is the CEO of the California Charter Association. David Patterson is with the Placer County Office of Education. He founded the Rockland family of charter schools. They made some interesting remarks.  Lalahpolitico hopes to follow up on their research.


Map 1 – Moore Proposal for BCS at Blach for 2013-14

BCS land allocation at Blach this year.

BCS proposes this land allocation at Blach for 2013-14

Ken Moore proposes a land allocation at Blach as shown in Map 1.  He’d like the private preschool to move to the other side of the gym.  He’d like new blacktop and additional parking.  The proposed BCS land allocation is  inside the red dotted line.


Map 2 – BCS on Blach this year

BCS footprint on Blach this year. Purple areas are NOT for use of BCS. The yellow rectangle is the portable location.

BCS footprint on Blach this year 2012-2013. Purple areas are NOT for use of BCS. The yellow rectangle is the portable location of 4 rooms.

Here is BCS on Blach this year. Ken Moore said that to get access to outdoor spaces 2 and 3, students have to walk from  classroom area 1 through area 5  the parking lot, through some bushes on  area 4 to get to area 3.  It’s even more of a hike to get to Area 2.


Slide 1 -Pros – No LASD students moved. No new taxes.

Key Points Ken Moore made.

Ken Moore says he understands the constraints LASD wants.

Here are the pros of the Balanced Egan/Blach split for BCS.  KEY: this solution does not require any LASD students to relocated.  Also, no need to raise taxes.

Slide 2 – Cons: Cost of duplication of extra spaces by LASD; BCS family commuting

Bullis Charter School Lunch_-16



Slide 3 –  Advantages of Split – buys time, Hillview safe

Bullis Charter School Lunch_-17



Slide 4 –  Board members break bread together

Joe Hurd, BCS Board member, Val Carpenter City Council, Steve Taglio LASD Board

Identified left to right: Joe Hurd in yellow is a BCS Board member, Val Carpenter Los Altos City Council, Steve Taglio LASD Board



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