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Downtown Precise Plan – a Detour for the Los Altos Community Center?

Raynor Activity Center in Sunnyvale is a real estate Comparable for Hillview Community Center in Los Altos
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Billboard for Los Altos Civic Center Bond

Billboard for the original ambitious Los Altos Civic Center Plan – now as of Jan. 2015 scaled back to a Community Center and a pool

January 13, 2015 – At the city council meeting tonight, the new council will see Andersen Brulee Architects (ABA)   present a “core site design” for a new Community Center project which will include options for where the buildings and outdoor amenities will be located.  This design places the project along Hillview Avenue and incorporates input from charrettes and other 2014 public input.

Tonight our city council members are expected to provide feedback so that ABA may next prepare a FINAL SITE LAYOUT for the Community Center along Hillview Ave. This final design would be approved at some future council meeting and be incorporated into the existing Master Plan for the entire 18 acre site.

This city council has two newcomers who seemed to promise to push for a Downtown Precise Plan that would consider the Downtown Triangle and the Los Altos Civic Center  and Community Center all TOGETHER. Mary Prochow was the first to propose this; Jean Mordo agreed, but thought a plan could be ironed out in a mere six months.

Lalahpolitico: Will the January 13 council meeting’s  Community Center project discussion item include the introduction of the idea that a Downtown Precise Plan is needed BEFORE the architect creates a final site plan for the Community Center project? Will there be public comment — pro and con — for a delay in moving forward with the Los Altos Community Center project in order to prepare a Downtown Precise Plan first?

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