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570 Pinecrest Drive – Light Plane Variance Approved

Variance Approved
Variance Approved
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AIA – 570 Pinecrest Drive

11-SC-11 and 11-V-03 – J. Kretschmer
Modification to an approved two-story design review and variance. The project increases the overall height from 23 feet, 11 inches to 25 feet, three inches, with a 16-inch encroachment into the daylight plane where such encroachments are prohibited. Project Planner: Lacey

Assistant Planner LACEY presented the staff report recommending approval of design review application 11-SC-11 and variance application 11-V-03 subject to the listed findings and conditions.
The project applicant made herself available to answer questions.

There was no public comment. This was a remodel where the applicant wanted to retain the prior porch.

MOTION BY COMMISSIONER ABRAMS, SECONDED BY COMMISSIONER JUNAID, to approve design review application 11-SC-11 and variance application 11-V-03 per the staff report findings and conditions.

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