LASD-BCS School Data

If you want to research this year’s detailed enrollment data at BCS or any or all of the LASD Schools you can DIY with these data resources. I find it is easiest just to download the whole state data file and pull out the rows for LASD and BCS. It includes some demographic data by school.  You can see all 9 schools in the Los Altos School District.  Bullis Charter School is in the Santa Clara County ‘school district.’

You can also do longitudinal research on BCS and LASD trends by downloading prior years’ datasets. The page looks like this. Download as many years as you need.  I believe BCS first year of operation may have been either 01-02 or 02-03.

This is a PHOTO of the page. The links are not live.

Dataquest also has different web dashboards. It seems to change how they work every year. They can be good for very simple lookups,  but it’s a cumbersome way to collect a dataset which is already in the big flat files.

Here are paths to links to lookup dashboards, etc. Good luck!

Data & Statistics (CA Dept of Education)

Demographics – Data & Statistics (CA Dept of Education)


Dataquest says, “Try our “other choices” level. It even lets you download the data to your PC. All of the CBEDS data files are also available for downloading, go to or If you are not able to use the data files, you can still place your request with the Educational Demographics Unit. Feel free to use the feedback page on our web site.”

You will need a spreadsheet application that can open .csv files