LASD vs BCS – Legal Discovery or Onerous Harassment


LASD Lawyers Want Discovery – Judge Lucas to say how much on Oct. 30

Below is a quick look at some of the kinds of things that the Los Altos School District lawyers want to discover in the ongoing LASD vs BCS dispute.  Parent names, addresses, occupations, annual income, networth, private correspondence, admission applications, student travel expense reports, Bullis Charter School web sites hits, logs, web visitor locations [!], marketing materials…some of this back to 2004.

 Names, addresses, occupations, annual income, networth, private correspondence, student travel expense reports, web sites hits, logs, marketing materials…some of this back to 2004.

LALAHPOLITICO: We all hire lawyers to be nasty, scare our opponents and make their life miserable.  What a job! Lawyers get paid the big bucks because it is such distasteful work on the one hand, and incredibly boring work on the other. But it’s all legal.  So it’s no surprise both sides in the LASD vs. BCS dispute have used these levers.

LALAHPOLITICO:Here is the “legal discovery” that LASD lawyers asked for in July.  Ostensibly this info will let the LASD lawyers verify the $1.3M in attorney fees that BCS is now asking for again. But as you will see from the kind of info requested, LASD is seeking to “prove”  in the court of public opinion that BCS is not a public school, but is a “semi-private” school.  [Semi-private is a new category of school invented right here in Los Altos apparently.  Funny that the State of California education statistics and the laws don’t categorize schools that way?!]

LALAHPOLITICO: Since July there have been attempted negotiations between the parties’ legal teams about the discovery request — you will see below  that lots of request items seem redundant.  Poor writing? Billing LASD by the hour?  The net net is that the subject of discovery will go before Judge Lucas at an Oct. 30 hearing. On that day, she is also scheduled to begin to hear BCS’s brand new lawsuit claiming the 2012-3 Prop 39 facilities are not “reasonably equivalent.



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