Los Altos Teacher Salaries 100K

Lots of people who work in tech, medicine, law and other fields may not realize that teachers’ salaries are not as low as you remember from ancient history.   When I tell people that  20-year tenured high school teachers around here can make $100K, they are incredulous.

This salary is for a 9 month year, without benefits.  So a 100K is actually a gross pay run rate  of 125K or about $60 an hour  on a 40 hour week.  For the employer, we can add on a 40% benefit package — $140K employee cost.

The average of Los Altos teacher salaries is $73,911 for a 9 month year.

Of course, since the 2008 recession started, teachers can’t find summer work like they once did.  Nonetheless, their public sector jobs have maintained nice benefits and much better job security …while  private sector  knowledge workers have seen their benefits and job security deeply eroded.

The teacher and administrative unions know that pension reform is coming… or their districts will go bankrupt. That goes for Los Altos School District too. Two seats on the Board are on the November 2012 ballot.  Pablo Luther and Vladimir Ivanovich and candidates who are known for serving on the LASD Finance Committee…which has been pressing for fiscal reforms for some years now.


Santa Clara County BoE   — 339 Teachers,  Lowest $45,656, Average $75,571, Highest, $87,707

Los Altos Elementary —   230 Teachers, Lowest  $44,277,   Average $73,911, Highest, $85,687

Mountain View Whisman — 224 Teachers, Lowest $45, 948, Average $65,078, Highest $84,784

Cupertino Union Elementary — 859 Teachers, Lowest $49,286, Average $68,253, Highest $93,478

Mountain View – Los Altos Union High School — 192 Teachers, Lowest, $62,102, Average, $100,530, Highest $117,351


Surprised by the Numbers?
Most American underestimate Teacher Salaries

It turns out that most Americans have little knowledge about the spending per child and the level of teacher salaries in their area.  They tend to underestimate them a lot. Read the research.


BCS Salaries and Teacher Conditions for future Research

I am looking for BCS salary data.  I need to vet this…My understanding is that BCS was not allowed to hire tenured LASD teachers. So its pool of teachers, now largely not orginially from LASD,  are younger and at a lower pay scale.  Although they are not unionized, they receive a similar benefits package that includes CalPERS retirement benefits.  Searching for the numbers…