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Los Altos New City Manager had Walgren’s job but in Danville

Our new city manager, Marcia Somers, is joining us from Danville, California. She has extensive experience with large capital projects, which must be attractive to our current city council with its ambitious 4 Phase Community Center Master Plan. She also has great preservationist credentials which makes her attractive to a certain segment of our community. And her experience also shows she is sympathetic to senior oriented programs. Further back in her history, she hails from Sunnyvale, a town in the backgrounds of some of our current council members.

Marcia SomersWe quote from the City of Los Altos Staff Report for the Feb. 28 city council meeting.

“Since July 2006, Marcia Somers has served as Assistant Town Manager of Danville, CA. Somers joined the Danville Town staff as Community Services Director in 1993. During her 19-year tenure in Danville, Somers provided leadership to virtually every part of the Town organization, and served as Project Manager for the design and construction of a number of capital projects, including the development of a 17-acre Town/County community park, renovation of the historic Village Theatre, and restoration of the Veterans Memorial Building and its expansion into a shared-use facility with a Senior Center located in the downtown retail district.

Prior to Danville, Somers worked for the City of Sunnyvale for eight years. Her professional experience includes management and executive-level positions with non-profit agencies in Santa Clara County and the City and County of San Francisco. In addition, Somers taught graduate courses in strategic planning, fiscal management and organizational development issues in public, non-profit and private organizations at San Francisco State University and San Jose State University for over 20 years. Somers holds a B.A. from San Francisco State University and a Master of Public Administration from California State University – Hayward (now East Bay). Somers and her family have lived in Campbell, CA for 29 years.”

The full staff report is here. We suggest you check it out to see who was invited to the interview process.

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