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Los Altos City Council Agenda Aug 28 – Civic Center, Schools, Web

Bart Nelson will be reinvited to the Downtown Committee IV
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Bart Nelson will be reinvited to the Downtown Committee IV

Hot Topics on the Los Altos City Council agenda for the meeting of Aug. 28…civic center plan, school sites, city web site redesign, Bart Nelson and Andy Wong  to join Downtown IV Committee.

1) Civic Center Master Plan repair and remodeling options will be weighed — from $1M to $21M

2) Agendas for City-School meeting will be set. The City will pay $15K for help finding school sites.

3) A Web Site consultant from Oregon selected for the job without discussion or community input.

4) Bart Nelson and Andy Wong joint Downtown Committee IV ( the folks measuring commercial building heights ).



 MEETING: 7:00 pm – 1 North San Antonio Road

Here are the .pdfs for the Tuesday, Aug. 28 City Council Meeting


1. Santa Clara Valley Water District  – it’s about the ballot tax measure, which according to the SJ mercury got kicked off the ballot for having 77 rather than 75 words for the ballot statement.

2. Pacific Gas & Electric Fremont Avenue Lightpole replacement project and options  – new black Tivoli style poles


1. Council Minutes

2. City-wide Records Management Policy and Retention Schedule – things you think should be permanent pretty much are, worth a look though

3. Police Department Records Retention Schedule – police has its own record retention schedule, very long…

4. Biennial Conflict of Interest Code review  – this appears to be a routine update

5. Council on Aging Silicon Valley Advisory Council appointee – council will ask Senior Commission to select a person to recommend

6. Draft letter to Fair Political Practices Commission – Ron Packard approved the City Attorney’s letter inquiring about whether the 500 foot recusal rule should apply to school closing decision discussions of LASD & the City. Packard contents that Goines must recuse.

7. Revised summary of key conclusions from 2012 Downtown survey – It says 80% want Main and State to remain a nostalgic downtown of 2 stories or less yet somehow deliver more vibrancy and choices.

8. Annual Sewer Report – appears routine

9. Downtown Zoning IV Committee additional appointments – Bart Nelson and Andy Wong to join

10. City of Los Altos Responses to 2011-2012 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury Report: “An Analysis of Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefits”  The City appears to be addressing its pension risks, at least to the extent required by law

11. Annual Concrete Repair, Project 12-03  – appears to be routine

12. San Antonio Streetscape, Project 10-08 – very, very large 22 MB file of the plan diagrams and photos

13. Land surveyor services – appears routine. They sign off on subdivision lot lines for big projects.

14. City Website re-design – Lalahpolitico does not recall that there was ever a discussion of this item. Now the City is ready to hire AHAConsulting of Lake Oswego, OR which is where our former City Manager Doug Schmidt was from. Lake Oswego is a customer of AHAConsulting. Our City’s price is $40 K plus $3K a year for hosting and support.  The concerning part is that the consultant uses Drupal which is becoming a legacy system.  Adds and changes to the custom site could be much more expensive than using alternative  web systems technology.


15. Special Event Application Pasarelle development wants to turn 3 parking spaces into temporary public space and bike front of Pete’s Coffee on Sept. 21

16. Civic Center Master Plan The City could decide what level of repair or rebuild option to undertake on Hillview Center. The report says it would take $10M of renovation to make Hillview a school and over $20M to make it a modern recreation facility. Short term repairs…1 to 2 $M.

17. School site consultant services – the City might hire someone in the real estate business about $15K to help identify school sites with the borders of Los Altos

18. League of California Cities administrative matters – routine business of belong to this club for cities

19. Joint meetings with local Councils and Boards – council will identify agenda items for these upcoming joint meetings with LASD, and MVLA high school district…

20. City – Schools Issues Standing Committee: Future agenda items – similar to the above, but these agenda items are for the regular bi-monthly meeting of the standing committee.  Mark Goines of LASD will be replaced by Tamara Logan of LASD.  See item 6 about recusal above.

Council and Staff Reports…




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