How to Avoid Local Traffic as Obama Visits Silicon Valley

Map of Obama destinations Silicon Valley
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Some of us will be driving towards Obama’s Silicon Valley events — the donors, the crowd lovers — the rest of us should plan how to avoid the traffic congestion as we commute and shop around Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View. Here is what is published about so far about the visit schedule from sources including, Bay Area News Group, and the Mountain View Voice. Give yourself a little extra travel time. You would find yourself detoured or stopped because of the POTUS motorcade.

Roads with potential to be impacted during rush hour today  –
Around 4 pm Shoreline – El Monte,  San Antonio Road, Foothill to LAH .
Around 6 pm – Interstate 280 to Fairmont San Jose

The schedule keeps changing for good reasons – security, security and security. But as of Thursday 1pm But it looks like…

Destination area for Obama's visit to Silicon Valley.  Don't contribute to the congestion if possible.

Destination area for Obama’s visit to Silicon Valley. Don’t contribute to the congestion if possible.

Schedule While Obama Visits Silicon Valley

From   as of 1pm Thursday – subject to change

The President arrives San Jose
Local Event Time:

3:50 PM PDT

Moffett Federal Airfield
Open to pre-credentialed media
The President participates in a DNC Roundtable
Local Event Time:

4:15 PM PDT

Private Residence, LAH
Closed Press
The President delivers remarks at a DNC reception
Local Event Time:

6:30 PM PDT

Fairmont San Jose
Pooled Press


3:50 pm arrival at Moffett Air Field

4:15 pm -Roundtable Discussion with Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe CEO and wife of Google-founder Sergey Brin,  and 20 other BIG donors in Los Altos Hills. [Possible route El Monte to Foothill]

6:30 pm Reception by Marissa Mayer (Yahoo)  and 200+ other donors, Fairmont Hotel, San Jose.  [Rough to be commuting South on 280 during rush hour]

Note: the reception and the roundtable have both been reported as dinners or not, and as one being earlier than the other and vice versa.  Obviously the timing is in flux because of security.  The venues have been changing too. The reception was to be at Mayer’s home in Palo Alto, then at the Y Combinator in MV, and now at the Fairmont Hotel, San Joe. The roundtable is still billed as at the home of Anne Wojcicki, which is allegedly in Los Altos Hills. Our map selected the school there as a placeholder, rather than some unknown home.


9:55 am talk at Walmart Mountain View on energy efficiency. Did you know that Walmart is real green? Me either.

Noonish depart Moffett Air Field

Traffic Advice

If you are a donor, you are getting advice from the sponsor on how to get there, park, and get through security.

If you are not part of the 1%, and want to brave the WalMart scene on Friday morning, go by bike or walk.

If you are anyone else,  my advice is stay away if possible.  [But if you want to loiter around the Fairmont Hotel like a paparazzi to gawk, go for it.]

If you know you will need to be driving in the area of the marked locations as you commute or shop, give yourself a little extra travel time. You could find yourself detoured or stopped because of the POTUS motorcade. 


CLICK PHOTO – it may not be too late to sign up for a ticket ($1000 up) to the Silicon Valley area reception, now expected to be held at the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose…

Check a news source before leaving on your commute

Sign up for the Thursday Reception hosted by Marissa Mayer  (site looked live as of Wednesday morning. $1000 to $32,000 tickets)

SFGATE.COM claims to be the center of the press pool for this Obama visit schedule.






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