No Advance Notice of Construction in the ‘Hood

Written by lalahpolitico

The house next door is undergoing an extensive remodeling.  (“Extensive” means five truckloads of concrete so far.)  We’ve discovered several things during this process.

First, we did not receive any advance notification from either the contractor or the city during the permitting process.  Once construction had begun we did get a nice courtesy note from the general contractor.  When we inquired about this at City Hall we were informed that as long as the new construction meets the city’s building code, no advance notice to neighbors is required at all!! What a potential disaster.  Suppose someone in a nearby house had a serious illness.  I don’t think a major construction project would help them back to health.

Second, the construction crew has been starting work at 7:20 a.m.  I went over to ask nicely if they’d mind waiting until 8.  A very polite worker told me that their permit allowed them to begin at 7 a.m.!!  Surprise!!  We know the rule used to be 8 a.m.  When did they sneak through this change?

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Norma Schroder is an economics & market researcher by trade and ardent independent journalist, photographer and videographer by avocation. Enthralled by the growth of the tech industry over the decades, she became fascinated with the business of local politics only in the past several years.

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