Los Altos Follies 2016, a Brief Review

Los Altos Stage Company
Los Altos Stage Company
Written by Tony Lima

Saluting “Bloviation, Obfuscation and Trepidation!” according to the program.  Buy tickets here.

Los Altos Politico was in the seats for the opening night of this extravaganza. You will find no better entertainment this weekend. Skewering topics from Donald Trump’s wall through Brexit and the California high-speed rail project, and including millenials living in their parents’ basements, the laughter is omnipresent. As always, Vicki Reeder and John Sylvester have pulled together a mixture of parody, satire, jokes both good and bad, and music that combine to create a fast-moving evening.  And a special thank you to Mary Prochnow for co-hosting Thursday’s show and serving as a foil for John’s jokes.  (To be fair, Mary got in quite a few good lines of her own.)  But Mary’s career on stage is over for this year. Los Altos Hills Councilwoman Courtney Corrigan will host Friday followed by Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian Saturday.

Our personal favorites were “Nowhere” (an homage to the high-speed rail project), “Homeward” (covering the aforementioned millennial college graduates), and “No Fly By” (airplane noise in Los Altos). For a brief audio clip from “Nowhere” click here.

Nowhere Los Altos Follies 2016, a Brief Review

“Nowhere” featuring Rhea Feldman, Gordon Abraham, David Hsiao, and Charles Morgan (click for larger image)

The ensemble was in top form. For the record the members are Christine Abraham, Gordon Abraham, Rhea Feldman, Nancy Glaze, Kathryn Holleb, David Hsiao, Duncan MacVicar, Charles Morgan, Rod Sinks, and Cary Young. Special shout-out to Rhea Feldman who wrote the lyrics and took the lead vocals on “Nowhere.” And kudos to whomever thought it would be a good idea to distribute the lyrics to the various songs. Be sure to pick up a copy as you leave the theater.

Saturday is sold out. As of about noon Friday there were still a dozen seats available for tonight. Buy tickets here.



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