Community Center
The City of Los Altos currently leases many of its facilities to outside organizations, such as both library buildings, both Fire Stations, the Nuetra House, the History Museum, and many other indoor and outdoor facilities that are available for short term rental. One of the longer lessees (almost 40 years) is the non-profit Children’s Corner, a pre-kindergarten program at the Hillview Community Center.
At the first few meetings of the Community Center Project Task Force, the Task Force heard from several community members about the need to dedicate space in the new community center for the Children’s Corner. Because the Task Force’s assignment includes space allocation, but does not include determining how, or by who, services will be provided, staff offered to discuss the situation with representatives from Children’s Corner and report back to the Task Force regarding any space issues.
Since that time, staff has met with Children’s Corner representatives 3 times in an effort to determine if there is an opportunity for a public/private partnership. Also, it has become clear that there will not be adequate space in the new community space to commit as much as 3,000 square feet for leasing to the Children’s Corner. Therefore, the Children’s Corner has proposed to the City an arrangement that includes:
  1. Providing the City with a portion of the cost to build the needed dedicated space up front.
  2. The remaining cost to the City would be paid over a period by a long-term, market-rate lease.
  3. Any outdoor space needed for Children’s Corner would be available to the public during all hours that the Children’s Corner is not operating.
  4. The City would permanently own this asset as part of the community center.
Any additional revenues received by the City as part of this potential arrangement would be used to offset the cost of the City providing other community programs that do not meet the City policy of full cost recovery. None of the City allocated $25 million will be used for any space for Children’s Corner.
If these discussions appear to provide a reasonable return on the City’s investment, while providing the community with the opportunity to have the services of the Children’s Corner continue at the new community center, staff will discuss the proposal with the Task Force. If the Task Force believes there is merit to the proposal and it could be accommodated as part of the new community center, the proposal will be provided to the City Council for its consideration. Any and all decisions will be made by the City Council.