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Los Altos Community Coalition advocates for integrated planning of Downtown Los Altos and the whole Civic Center
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Lalahpolitico:  The Los Altos Community Coalition — a collective of many local organizations — is advocating that the City of Los Altos undertake a “visioning/planning” effort for downtown, the City’s Civic Center with Hillview Park, and possibly south Los Altos City facilities, all together, in an integrated plan.  The first step is convincing the City Council to go down that path by showing a groundswell of support. Here is a letter from Joe Eyre, Director of the Los Altos Community Foundation asking you to demonstrate your support by signing… here by NOON, tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12. Signatures will be presented to Los Altos City Council the evening of April 12.

Letter from Joe Eyre
Los Altos Community Foundation

Dear Neighbors,

Iask you to consider signing an online letter requesting the Los Altos City Council to shift priorities and provide budget for the visioning and planning of the downtown and the Civic Center/ Hillview Center.   This letter is a combined effort of the Los Altos Community Coalition (LACC) and the Community Center Alliance (CCA).

Joe Eyre, Director Los Altos Community Foundation

Joe Eyre, Director Los Altos Community Foundation at a Rotary Meeting

Why should you sign this?

Today, the City’s 2016 work plan (and budget) includes no funding for the Civic Center/ Hillview Center, other than a barebones audit of required Hillview Center maintenance.  The goal of this letter is to strongly encourage focus and allocation of planning resources to move our City forward on a comprehensive plan, rather than the past piecemeal planning (such as the Community Center proposal in Measure A and the recent consideration of a school on Hillview).


AAt this point many people have signed up to show their support.  I hope you will do the same!  Please try to sign this by noon on Tuesday, April 12th.  The letter will be read during public comments at this Tuesday’s council meeting (7pm) and it will be very helpful to have as many signatures as possible by then..

Note:  This letter is not specifying what should be done in the downtown or Civic Center — it is just asking that the City to begin a visioning and planning process that the community can participate in.


SIgnLetterx200The signup form for the online letter, as well as some background info, is at:


For those of you not familiar with the Los Altos Community Coalition LACC, it is a group made up of many Los Altos organizations. Its mission is to advance development of a plan for the downtown and Civic Center/Hillview Center and Park site. (Read more about the LACC and its members at http://losaltoscommunitycoalition.org.)


Thank you,

Joe Eyre, Director, Los Altos Community Foundation





To contact the Community Center Alliance (CCA) with questions, Please email Nancy Bremeau at nancy@bremeau.net or Maria Lonergan at lonergan1@comcast.net. Nancy is the official CCA representative to LACC and has worked on this project for the past several weeks.


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