LASD – Egan School Traffic Safety, Citizen Says Goines Has Conflict of Interest

Parent speaks on Egan School Traffic at Los Altos School District Meeting
Parent speaks on Egan School Traffic at Los Altos School District Meeting
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Egan School traffic safety is discussed at the August 13, LASD Board Meeting in this video of the entire meeting. Citizen Ron Haley slams Goines and others for conflict of interest in BCS – LASD decisions. A timetable is shown below so you can skip immediately to your item of interest in the video posted on Vimeo, by dragging the “playhead” – the little triangle on the time line. (Audio is quite good, but sometimes people don’t use a mic, and the air conditioning going on and off can be quite a hummer.)


Popular Topics at  this Aug 13 Meeting– Official LASD Agenda .pdf

 City work on Egan School Traffic Safety

Mark Goines steps aside from City-School subcommittee

Policy on District property issues with surrounding Cities – update

Taskforce on Growth and Facilities – citizen and parent committee reporting to Superindendent, Lou Becker*

Citizen Ron Haley slams Goines and others for Conflict of Interest

Citizen Luis Menges speaks for Egan students : Foothill- Edith crossing unsafe

Tamara Logan reads letter from spiritual leaders on a mediation-listening event

 * Mark Goines believes Lou Becker should be tapped to organize the community side…




Official LASD Agenda .pdf


Opening Title               Consent Calendar passes 5-0

30 seconds                 Ron Haley – comment on Mark Goines Conflict of Interest

2.30 min.                    Luis Menges – comment on Foothill-Edith unsafe crosswalk


9:30 min.                    Randy Kenyon – enrollment 4512, more portables


38:00 min                  City-School Subcommittee agenda – intro to City Engineering…


40:00 min                  City’s Gustafsen and Cedric on Egan School Traffic Improvements –
wider sidewalk or more red curb

55:30 min                  Kim Albright – comment on Egan crossing guard duties

58:00 min                  Steve Taglio – Portola as one-way circle flow for 5 minutes

59:00 min                  Tamara Logan on Egan traffic

1:00:00                      Mark Goines on Egan traffic


1:04:45                      Goines to be replaced by Logan on City-School subcommittee


1:07:00                      Additional agenda items – SRS, Facilities help, etc., RE Policy


1:09:20                      Real Estate Policy – Policy on cities Property Issues ( Goines hopes to have a policy in place before the next Los Altos City-School subcommittee


1:11:00                      Joint City-School Fields Mngt. – Kenyon…staff to staff relations


1:13:00                      Joint City School facilities sharing –Goines… booking software


1:14:30                      Cooper – LASD needs a permanent relationship City of MV


1:17:20                      Kenyon…Task Force on Growth and Facilities, other parent/citizen committees…


1:21:00                      Goines – let’s tap Lou Becker to head the Task Force

1:21:00                      “ “” how to recruit the Task Force is key


1:23:45                      County is exempting Charter Schools from City Zoning

(This is actually two to-be- built schools of Rocketships 26 in San Jose,- a variance)The board saw this as a serious precedent to let charters enjoy what districts do.

1:34:00                      Logan – the Cty Ed. Commissioners were “mad at me” for delaying the progress of their meeting with my objections to the zoning exemption.


1:38:00                      Alyssa Gallagher – SJ State Student Teacher Agreement, recent hiring


1:40:00                      Board Reports

1:45:00                      Logan – “ Grace Small appointed to BCS ADVISORY Board “


1:46:40                      Logan –  into to letter from Spiritual Leaders on BCS LASD mediating-listening event, United Methodist, 655 Magadalena, Sept. 20, 7-9:30pm


1:47:20                      Logan reads TEXT of the Letter from Spiritual Leaders


Meeting Adjourned

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