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Rare Footage of LASD vs. BCS – the early years

Doug Smith in front of screen presenting a slide show
Trustee Doug Smith 2012 at Covington School presenting the tentative agreement
Written by lalahpolitico

A blast from the past circa 2012. We lead with a ‘video’ of former trustee Doug Smith presenting a ‘tentative long-term agreement’ with BCS. In this rare footage of LASD you can hear that Bullis Charter School would have received one of the elementary campuses – it would ‘close a neighborhood school.’ The idea was not well received by LASD parents.

This shot in the video of the audience in 2012 looks oh so much the same as the recent brouhaha over the ‘Move Egan to 10th site’ proposal. The audio is cinema verite.

This 17 flicks video library also includes footage of the Facilities Master Plan Committee and other similar meetings of citizen task forces.

about the 2012 Meltdown

Recent newcomers to Los Altos, North Mountain View, and to Los Altos School District are not aware of the history of LASD vs. BCS strife that wracked our town.

Doug Smith – The LASD BCS Long-term Tentative Agreement

Bullis Charter School LASD Agreement – Big Cracks Appearing

Bullis Charter School LASD — No More Kumbaya

Bullis Charter School LASD – High Noon at Not OK Corral

Bullis Charter School LASD – BCS head to Blach, Egan and…

LASD now Reneges on 2012-13 Prop 39 Final Offer to Bullis…




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