Bullis Charter School LASD – High Noon at Not OK Corral
High Noon June 8 in Not Ok Corral
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”] night the Los Altos School board substantially amended the “term sheet” offer made public on Friday, and voted to officially present the modified “term sheet” offer to the Bullis Charter School board.  If the BCS board doesn’t vote to accept it by Noon Friday, June 8, LASD will proceed to roll-out the Prop 39 2012-2013 facilities arrangement. So the Bullis Charter School LASD miasma continues.


The original Friday version of the  “term sheet” has BCS keeping all of its K-8 together on Egan.  No split campus with Blach as in the Prop 39 offer.  Mark Goines is right, staying on a single campus is something that BCS really, really wants.

staying on a single campus is something that BCS really, really wants.

Term Sheet Amendments- not two years, keep the Prop 39 process

The original Friday version had a term of two years which would allow search for a 10th site to continue with both sides swearing off litigation.  At the Monday LASD board meeting, Mark Goines argued for two amendments.  1) He wanted the agreement to expire in one year, UNLESS the two parties had successfully collaborated to reach a long-term agreement – one acceptable to the what he thinks is the sentiment of the community at large, [one that does not give an existing high-performing school site to BCS]. 2) Thus, he wants LASD to continue to prepare Prop 39 offers each year.  So in October 2012, BCS would have to make its Prop 39 request as usual. And LASD would have a Prop 39 offer ready by April 1, 2013 as usual.

Goines wants LASD to continue to prepare Prop 39 offers each year


Mr. Goines argued these amendments were necessary to incentivize BCS to actually collaborate to reach a long-term agreement in the first of the two years of the “term sheet” offer.   Initially Bill Cooper, Steve Taglio, and Tamara Logan, were not supportive of the amendments.  Actually to Lalapolitico, they seemed incredulous.  Bill Cooper thought that BCS was inherently already incentivized. Bill Cooper said he didn’t see what LASD was getting out of the “term sheet” offer, if it no longer kept staff and board resources out of the Prop 39 planning process. Steve Taglio found the embellishments too complex, pleading “I guess I’m not as smart as you.”


But after what felt like an hour of tedious, angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin discussion before the dwindling audience,  the opponents were swayed, and Mr. Goines amendments were added in a new motion made by Doug Smith. It passed 4-1 with Steve Taglio voting nay.


Procedurally, Doug Smith specified that the amended term sheet would be crafted with the LASD attorney and presented asap to the BCS board for their vote with an offer expiration of noon this Friday June 8.

 an offer expiration of noon this Friday June 8


 Please see the short “just the facts” recap.  But especially read the comments.


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